Pensions and 401(k) Appeals

CAFS provides independent processing and fiduciary services all types of pension plans.  This includes defined benefit pension plans (and cash balance plans), defined contribution plans, profit sharing and 401(k) plans and other types of plans and hybrid pension arrangements.  CAFS acts as an independent fiduciary, under ERISA, to adjudicate any claims raised by individual claimants with respect to their benefits under such plans.  By assuming the important role as the ERISA claim appeal fiduciary, CAFS eliminates conflict of interest, and improves the quality and integrity of decision-making.  We have designed our approach to fiduciary decision-making to be a better choice for sponsors of all types of retirement plans, regardless of how such final appeals are currently being handled.

CAFS is a better alternative. As a truly independent source of decision-making under ERISA, CAFS eliminates conflict of interest, provides experience and quality processes, decreases staff time and training needs, improves the perception of fairness, and decreases litigation costs and liability exposure in the event disputed claims are litigated. Overall, there are only advantages to using CAFS.

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